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What is Orikatsu Store?
A leader in the Oribako industry for 100 years
Our Oribako have been recognized for our 100 years of experience and have been used for cedar boxes to hold sacred objects for the imperial family garden parties and for the Daijo-sai (court rituals for the emperor's succession to the throne). We have the skill of selecting the materials in natural wood and processing the peculiar wood to make high quality Oribako. Orikatsu Store will continue to grow with trees as a company that thinks about its employees, clients, and the earth. And at Orikatsu Store, we will continue to provide you with products and correct information that will bring you the excitement and joy of natural materials.
The natural materials used in theOribako (or chip boxes) are made from trees that grow in the forest, so they are naturally returned to the soil when they are disposed of. It is a product that is friendly to humans, animals and nature, as it does not produce harmful substances when burned, and bacteria decompose as fast as 1-2 years at the earliest.
Against this backdrop, we at Orikatsu Store have created a new vision of "a package that creates health, happiness and excitement for people. Through the world's safest and happiest packaging, folded boxes, we will rekindle the sustainable environmental cycle for the next generation. And while it is sustainable for all people, it also fulfills our responsibility as users of wood resources and creates a sustainable environment in which humans can live with nature.Translated with
Protect what's inside, protect nature, and protect your health
Although medical advances have increased life expectancy, healthy life expectancy still has many challenges. To stay healthy is to pay attention to the food that builds your body. That's why we choose additive-free ingredients and take care of our health. However, even though we care about our food, we don't care about our takeout containers. The wood used in the Oribako does not emit harmful substances even if it is warmed up, and on the contrary, the faint scent of the wood increases the appetite and makes the food feel good. The Oribako we carry not only protect your precious food and products, but are also one of the choices for today's diverse lives. At Orikatsu Store, we act with the purpose of "protecting what's inside, protecting nature, and protecting health" for society.
We not only improve the quality of our products by manufacturing them in Japan, but also provide you with delicious, safe, and high quality boxes.
We are fully equipped with safe domestic production facilities and logistics.
Trustworthy Made in Japan
High production capacity
High printing capacity
100 years of experience in technology
Process / 行程
1. Selective cutting of ripe old trees
2. Sorting the used parts of the wood
3. Orange wedging (Cutting like orange slices)
4. Structuring of / material collecting for the basal plate
5. Drying
6. Sorting
7. Plywood pasting
8. Kerf cutting
9. Otoshi / Structure collecting
10. Strengthening and hardening
11. Installing the bottom
12. Wrapping
13. StoringSelective cutting of ripe old trees
14. Packing
15. Mailing / Delivery
Material / 材料

When we make Oribako (or chip boxes), we use the same high-quality wood as that used to craft pianos and violins.

We use both domestic and imported wood in a harmonious balance; we use traditional Japanese Yezo spruce trees and Sitka spruce trees from Canada and Alaska.

Tthese trees has a faint aroma, and the climate of Japan, given its temperature and humidity, is suitable for bringing out this aroma.

The wood from these trees has a special flexibility; it’s not too hard, yet it maintains tenacity and tension. It is suitable for crafting products that need to be carefully molded, like Oribako.

There are individual differences in each grain of wood, just as there are differences between individuals. Some of the trees are immaculate, some are beautiful, and some are strong, while others are a combination of many different qualities.

The trees are gathered from Hokkaido, an island at the north end of Japan. In the summer, we take care of and water these important trees to ensure that they are not eaten by insects and to prevent mold.

During the winter, the trees are carefully cut down in the bitter cold mountains. Since the temperature is -20°C, the frozen trees are first carefully defrosted. We strive every day to use the blessings we are given by nature without wasting any trees.
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